Firsts! OMG I’m over it!

We celebrate the breaking through but why is the ceiling still there?

Changing the Energy in Your Life

I read about the delight,
People exclaim how wonderful!
That a woman be nominated…
To run for president.

How sad! my heart screams!!!!
That we are still so archaic…
That women still have to break a ceiling,
That the men did create.

And then I am angered by the women…
Who have allowed the programmed thoughts to thrive…
Believing a woman’s place,
Is the home with work on the side!

The women who think they need to kowtow,
To the whims of every man;
That power resides in the male species,
And we should delight for any attention.

Being woman is hard when you need to break ceilings,
To simply be the best that you are.
Asking for assistance and guidance is a gift,
Not a weakness or sign of incompetence.

Change must be embraced now!
Best person for the job, for this life!
I challenge each of us to…

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What does your soul (read: postdoc application) look like?

Interesting aspects to consider when applying for possible positions in the future.

The Research Whisperer

Portrait of Jonathan LaskovskyJonathan Laskovsky is the Senior Coordinator, Research Partnerships, in the College of Design and Social Context at RMIT University. He is primarily responsible for managing research partnerships support and administration within the College.

Alongside this role, Jonathan has research interests in modern and postmodern literature with a particular focus on fictional space and critical theory.

He tweets as @JLaskovsky and can be found on Linkedin.

23612479053_6ed1cc38d5_m What queue? by Jonathan O’Donnell on Flickr

I have a secret weapon. I can look into your soul.

By that, I mean that, as part of my role, I’ve had to read a large volume of academic CVs. Particularly postdocs’ CVs.

I’ve probably looked more than 600 CVs in the past year, and what has astounded me throughout that process is not the number of staff looking for employment (there are many), or the wide variety of academic pathways (an encouraging sign).

The thing that surprised…

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